New Generation Concrete Block Making Machine TP.RN3036

Concrete Block Making Machine TP.RN3036 is produced by Aradsan Machine. This system can produce different types of concrete parts such as curbstone, cement block, paver and flower box. It is possible just by changing the mould.


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concrete Block Making Machine

Block Making Machine

The production line of Concrete Block Making Machine TP.RN3036 from the basic to advance phase (weighing  material , mixing materials ,production ,curing system and packing) is done by machine and without human interposition.

According to advancement of science and technology, updated production of urban and industrial material and every day progress in concrete production, Aradsan Machine present it’s products to markets based on the internal and international standards.

The aim of this system is improving the quality of concrete parts, producing more products, reducing the labor and production expenses. Facing problems such as lack of experts, impossibility of quality control in traditional products because of lack of using well equipped laboratories and modern machinery for good concrete, lack of knowledge of materials used in traditional methods and other problems has made this company to design and manufacture machines capable of producing curbstone, block, paver and flower box for the first time in Turkey.

The products of Aradsan Machine with preservation of the quality and quantity of concrete production components and increasing the field of operation have succeeded in facing the needs of the community in the field of the competition with domestic and foreign competitors.

The system of Concrete Block Making Machine TP.RN3036 is manufactured (basic to advance parts) with equipment that is made in Italy or Germany .In fact, this principle will minimize the failure of the system so the life of the system is prolonged and it will cause to prevent from costly expenses.

The Specification Of  Parts Used in Fully Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine TP.RN3036:

Pump’s generator: Siemens

Vibration’s generator: Siemens or Vem (Germany)

Electromotor for setting section: Deg

The piston jack’s tube: Boch or Bohler (Germany)

The integrated sheet for mould (pavement) ck 45: heated sheet or Dillidur

Hydraulic hose: Flex (Germany or Italy)

All sheets of moulds are made from ST60 or ST52 and the parts exposed to the friction is manufactured with anti-friction steel (seven different sheet)

Jack’s shaft: Hard chrome (Italy)

Control panel: Plc, Siemens (Germany)

All parts of control panel: Siemens (Germany) with 15 inch touch screen.

Micro switch and sensors: Muller (Germany)

The cooling of oil system is done by radiator

The frame of machine: special profile with 12 mm thickness

The sheets used inside mixer: Hardox (Sweden), Dillidur (Germany)

The sheets used inside mixer: Hardox (Sweden), Dillidur (Germany)

Parçalarının Türü Parça Boyutları Kapasitesi
Beton Parke Taşı 200x100x60 mm 1600 m2
Beton Bordür Taşı 500x500x150 mm 7000 Adet
Beton Bordür Taşı 500x350x150 mm 8000 Adet
Beton Bims Blok 400x200x200 mm 24000 Adet
Beton Bims Blok 400x200x150 mm 27000 Adet
Çiçek Kutusu 450x250x200 mm 12000 Adet

TPRN 3036

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Concrete Block Making Machine

Concrete Block Making Machine