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Batching plants (Weighing System) has the ability to weigh different types of materials. Aradsan Machine supplies complete batching plants for the optimum and efficient weighing of all materials (e.g.: sand, aggregates, cement, water, pigments and admixtures).

The ability of weighing the amount of cement and water is possible, so it’s suitable for mixing and grading before the process of mixing all inputs accurately with high sensitivity

Weighing systems act as a digital weighing instrument that is monitored by screens installed in the system.
This system has weighing function for three different grading, which are separated by feeders.
The cement is weighed by cement weighers, where the amount of cement is driven by cement screws.
The amount of water entering in the system is littered with digital water meters and finally, the materials (water – cement – grading types) are prepared for the mixer process.
The batching system has weighing buckets that can be fed by a loader or a ramp.

Electro-vibrations are installed on the system body and batching by using electro-vibrations can direct the materials to the spot.
After weighing, an conveyor belt transportes the materials to the outside.
After weighing, the batching plant exits materials by using an electro-motor.
All equipments of batching made in German and Italian


Batching 20-40: Weighing capacity is 20 m3 of wet materials and 40 m3 of dry material.
Batching 30-60: The ability to weigh 30 m3 of wet materials and 60 m3 of dry materials.
Batching 40-80: Weighing capacity is 40 m3 of wet materials and 80 m3 of dry material.

Agrega Besleme Sistemleri

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