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Block Making Machine TP.RN3036

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Hollow Block Making Machine

Hollow Block Machine, Concrete Hollow Block Machine

Hollow Block Making Machine

Hollow Block Machine

Aradsan Hollow Block Making Machine in Turkey is an industrial corporation that produces machines for making concrete products such as Hollow blocks, curbs tones and pavers block . With more than 30 years of experience, Aradsan Machine has always been active in national and international markets in this field.

Fully Automatic Hollow Block Making Machine TP.RN3036 is produced by Aradsan Machine . This system can produce different types of concrete parts such as curbstone, cement block, pavers and flower box. It is possible just by changing the mould.

The production line of Fully Automatic concrete Hollow block machine TP.RN3036 from the basic to advance phase (weighing  material , mixing materials ,production ,curing system and packing) is done by machine and without human interposition.

Hollow Block Making Machines

Hollow Block Machine, Concrete Hollow Block Machine, Hollow Block Making Machine , Cement hollow Block Machine, Hollow Block Machinery

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Aradsan Machine

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